Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies-Fashion 2023

Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies

Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies – Consider the Body Type to Choose Plus Size Outfits

Ideally, the best outfits for plus size ladies must be chosen according to the body type. This is the most important criterion of selecting a dress, typically for anyone. Research says that there are four major types of body.

They are:

  • Straight
  • Apple
  • Hourglass
  • Pear and
  • Full bust.

Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies

It is important to know what type of body you have in the first place in order to choose the right outfit and pair it precisely with the perfect accessories. 

If you are not aware of it, do not fret. Here is an article that will guide you through the process. However, remember that these are just recommendations and nothing written in stone. This means that you are open to experimenting with different dresses.

The most important thing is to look good. The outfit should impress you first and raise your confidence. If it does not, rest assured it will not impress others.  

A Straight Body  – Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies

If your body is straight, your waist or shoulders cannot be distinguished as they will measure the same. So, what do you wear if you have a straight and Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies body?

Well, the answer is simple. You can try wearing an off-shoulder blouse with a skirt, preferably A-line. To look more stylish, you can wear a belt along with it. This will define your waist to some extent.

As for the tops, you can choose any of the following:

  • Halters
  • V-necklines or
  • Surplice.

However, make sure that these tops are all Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies and preferably striped. As for the colors, block color prints will look good.

You can try different types of frills on your dress to elevate your waist. You will look even more gorgeous wearing bootcut pants, flared trousers, and tops with ruffles or peplums.

Hourglass Type

A lady looks more balanced with an hourglass-shaped body.

The characteristic features of such type of body are:

  • Curvy hips
  • Larger chest
  • Shoulders measuring the same as the hips and 
  • A narrow waist.

If you have such a body, try these dresses:

  • Empire dress
  • Romantic blouse and
  • Statement jackets.

Include a belt if you want to look more stylish and curvier.

Apart from the above, you may also try the following outfits:

  • V-neck tops
  • Low-cut blouse and 
  • Halters.

Your large-size body will look more balanced if you wear something in stripes, preferably a vertical pattern. Wrap dresses along with a jacket is also recommended best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies who want to look elegant and stylish.

Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies

An Apple Shaped Body 

For apple-shaped bodies, the waist will be obscure with prominent and curvier hips, shoulders, and upper part. Since your body will be more-or-less balanced, Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies with an apple-shaped body type will look best wearing:

  • Wide-legged pants
  • Blouses with volume sleeves and 
  • Empire dresses.

For styling up, you may also try wearing fuller skirts and pants along with wrap dresses and blouses. This will make your tummy look slimmer as well. If you want to hide your stomach, you can also try wearing clothes with ruched frills.

Add a little more to your style by layering your outfit with a customized blazer. This will help streamline your body outline. If you want to look ultra-flattering, make sure that the top is long enough to touch your hips, if not below them.

Pear Shaped Body

Now, if you have a best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies that looks like a pear, your shoulders will be the narrowest. Through the bust, your body will be fullest at the thighs and hips, and your waist will be very well defined.

Such ladies can try the following pieces:

  • An A-line skirt
  • A statement jacket and
  • Dark bootcut pants.

There are different ways to style up as well. For example, you can wear accessories and necklines that make a statement and draw the attention of the onlookers upward.

Also, darker clothes, especially pants, will give a much slenderer look to your body, along with strategically created layers, such as a blazer that will highlight your thin and well-defined waist. In that case, you can also use an A-line profile. This will enhance the waist even more by minimizing your hips.

However, make sure that the jacket or top is long enough to fall either below or above the widest parts of the hips.

Full Blast Body Shape

Finally, Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies women with a full-blast body shape will have a larger top half than the bottom. The bust and shoulders will be the widest, with the frame narrowing down gradually through the bottom portion of your legs and hips.

Best Outfits For Plus Size Ladies

If you have such kind of a body frame, try the following pieces:

  • Bootcut pants
  • V-neck blouse and
  • A-line skirt.

Flared pants will even out the curvy frame.

Some easy ways to style up for a full-blast body-shaped plus-size woman are wearing tops with V-necklines, surplices, or halters. This will minimize the bust. However, make sure that the piece defines your waist.

It is also recommended that you choose dark-colored clothes for a more flattering look, such as:

  • Navy
  • Black
  • Chocolate or
  • Charcoal.

An A-line outline will give a more balanced look if it flares out in your hips and cinches in at your waist region.


In conclusion, it may be challenging to find the best outfits for plus size ladies, but with a little bit of research and time spent shopping, you will indeed find a few. Following this guide will be of great help in choosing the right piece for your body type and size.

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