How To Clean TOTE Bag: 5 Best Tips

how to clean Tote bag

How To Clean Tote Bag: 5 Best Tips


TOTE BAG:  Tote bags are like friends, stick to you everywhere and they’re always there when you need them, carrying your stuff and adding a touch of style to your outfit. Nowadays it has become critical to wash bags when are exposed outside and come into touch with germs. Germs can carry sickness and transmission from one to another.

Tote bags are reusable and it’s necessary to wash them regularly depending upon the material they are made up of. Loving your tote bag and keeping it clean and fresh is very important. Tote Bags need your care and attention to stay in shape.

In this article, will see how to clean the Tote bag keep it clean, and maintain its new look. We will see how to care for the bag, how to wash the bag, and all the things you should avoid while washing the bag.

What Materials Is the Tote Bag Made Of?


It should be noted that there are different types of tote bags available in the market and they are made of different materials. It changes from vendor to vendor, design to design and even the cost of the tote bag affects the materials used.

In general, most of the Tote bags are made up of

  • Canvas,
  • Cotton,
  • Leather,
  • Plastic
  • and Polyester.

As the materials are different, the way to wash them differs from each other. But we are generalizing the method here which suits most of the Tote Bag. You can adopt the best method for your tote bag.

Avoid Washing Machine:


It’s quite natural to use a washing machine to wash to clean the Tote bag like any other bag. But it’s strictly NO to use the washing machine. There are chances of getting stained or even shrinking when Washing machines are used. It can even harm the smoothness and artwork which the bag has and make it pale, eventually, you won’t like to use it. So keep in mind that, machine washing will harm your tote bag, so avoid it.

how to clean Tote bag


How to Clean Tote Bag: 5 Tips


Empty the Tote Bag and Shake Down:


As the first step to washing or cleaning your tote bag, you always need to empty it with hyper attention. Make sure you take out all the materials from the bag, you might have left unused Tissue papers, cards, or makeup kits. Once the bag is empty, give a gentle shake down to the tote bag, it will remove the dry stains over the bag and will throw out the loose stuff left inside the bag. Now the bag is ready for the deep clean.

Hand wash with detergents:


You can use any of the mild detergents used in the home. Apply a bit of detergent to the dirt areas, and wait for 2-3 min. Let the detergent spread over the dirt, it will make it easy the clean. Now rub slowly over the dirt and you see the stain has gone already. Now wash the bag with clean water and keep it for drying. You can opt for sun drying if it’s sunny or else go for air drying. Make sure you set the temperature mild enough, so as not to harm the material of the bag.  Your bag is ready to use again.

Hand wash with Baking Soda:


This method is preferred when your bag is stinking out with a bad smell. Sometimes you drop the liquid or any bottle inside the bag, which will make it dirty.  In this case, it’s always good to use baking soda. Please note that we are not washing the bag but making it clean and looks like washed. Take a half spoonful of Baking soda and make it spread across the tote bag.

Let’s keep it aside for 30 minutes, and then take an unused toothbrush and scrub the areas where you see the dirt. Either you can shake down the bag to remove the baking soda or else with a spoon of water can be used, just to clean that dirty area, Not the full bag.

Toothpaste Method:


Yes, any type of toothpaste can be used to remove the sticky or unwanted spots from the tote bag. Usually the shining part of the bag, which needs washing, toothpaste can be used. Just apply the paste to the spot and scrub with an unused toothbrush.. it will work the way it works on your teeth, Make it clean and shiny. If needed water wash can be given, else wipe out the paste, it will make the bag ready for use.

Sink and warm water Method :


For the earlier methods, we didn’t use warm water, but here we make use of warm water. You can either use a bucket or sink for this case. Make sure the bucket/sink is precleaned with no dirt inside it. Fill the bucket or sink with warm water and add some mild detergent to it. Let the detergent spread all over the water. You can even a form as well. Now soak a completely empty tote bag into the ware and give a time of 10 min.

Later rinse it properly, identify the dirty spots – and scrub it gently. You can make use of a toothbrush here. Once done, wash it with cold water and let it try with all the water leaking out of it. You can use the bag, once it’s completely dry. If needed air dryer can be used.

Kitchen Sponge:

We can use the sponge as an alternative to the toothbrush. It’s recommended for bigger tote bags.  Make sure you use mild detergent/soap with a sponge.

how to clean Tote bag

Tips for Storing and Caring for Your Tote Bag


Now your tote bag is ready and refreshed with a new deep cleaning method. Please note, that it’s not good to wash the tote bag frequently, it’s once in 6 months is recommended. Frequent wash will harm the bag and make it lose its shine and artwork. Some tips, on how to care for the tote bag are as below.

  • Avoid frequent washing and do not use washing machines.
  • Store the bag in a dust bag or protective covering, when you are not using it.
  • No direct exposure to sunlight, which will fade the color of the tote bag
  • Not to store extremely cold, hot items in the tote bag.
  • Can be spray water resistant, if you want to carry it during rainy reasons.

how to clean Tote bag

Update: How to clean Tote Bag: made of Plastic


As there was a demand to add a section on, how to clean and care for plastic tote bags, here we are adding the extra section. 

Plastic tote bags are made of plastic with chemicals to add a color look, they are much immune to outside exposure and tend to retain their color for a longer time. But still, they need a regular wash and care so that they stay fit for reuse. Here are some tips for the plain plastic tote bags.

  • empty the tote bag so that it’s free from any tissue paper, cosmetic item
  • Take a bucket of WARM water and add 2-3 spoons for detergent or dishwashing gel. Avoid too hot water.
  • Soak the tote bag for 20 min. Make sure it’s fully soaked with water/foam.
  • Gently rinse the bag with your hand inside the water, 2-3 times.
  • Now put the tote bag to dry.
  • Once dried completely, your bag is ready for use.

If in case you are using printed or customized plastic tote bags, then do not follow the above method. For printed plastic tote bag, you can make use of cold water and just hand wash. No need to soak in water, as it will spoil the design.

Conclusion for How To Clean TOTE Bag


There are 5  methods suggested for How To Clean TOTE Bag, please do adopt the methods that suit best for your tote bag. If you clean the tote bag as and when needed, it will be usable for many years than it was built for.  By keeping the bag clean and tidy, you are making sure that your tote bags are free of hazardous bacteria and germs.

Keep Styling with your loving TOTe bags and do follow TRENDYFASHIONPLUS for more stylish tips.

FAQ about How To Clean TOTE Bag


1. Can I wash tote bags frequently? 

Yes, you can wash tote bags as and when required but make sure you follow the set of instructions on the wash.

2. All the tote bags can be used in the washing machine?

No, it’s not advised. Please carefully read the user guide for your tote bag. Do remember washing depends on the material of the tote bag. As each tote bag is made of a different material, their washing also varies.

3. I use a tote bag daily, how to keep it clean and tidy?

As the usage is more, caring the cleaning to be done on daily basic. at the end of the day, try to remove the tissue or any unnecessary things from the bag. Try to avoid spilling any cosmetics. Empty the bag and stong shake-down is necessary to keep it clean and healthy.



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