Ideas of Indo-Western dress ideas for weddings for males

Indo-Western dress ideas for weddings for males


With the onset of the “wedding season,” the most crucial thought of what to wear to that wedding has arisen. Women have innumerable choices of clothes and styles to choose from, but many believe that men actually do not have that many options available to them, just the plain simple kurta set or blazer set.

But that is just a misconception. In recent times, with all the infusion between traditional and modern, men’s wear has also changed.

A lot of great male festive and wedding collections are available now, which are not the typical extreme traditional or extreme Western attires but rather a mix of both, that is, Indo-Western dresses for weddings for males. 

Indo-Western dress ideas for weddings for males :

    • Jeans with kurta: The most common thing that strikes our mind when we think of Indo-Western dress for men would be this. Pairing denim jeans with traditional kurtas during festive and wedding seasons is a common affair now, as it is not only the most handy option available but also makes you feel comfortable in the attire. You can also pair your jeans with short kurtas or even sherwanis. 
  • Dhoti pants or readymade dhoti: Many men do not know how to wear Dhotis, and even if they do wear it, they feel very uncomfortable and struggle while managing it. So, if you want to attain the dhoti look, but with a twist of style and comfort, you can switch to dhoti pants. These are elastic waist pants with a dhoti-like effect as they flow down. Or else a new alternative of readymade dhoti has arrived. It only requires to be attached with a hook on the waist, without wrapping anything like a real traditional dhoti. It is the same as women’s readymade saree. It is basically just a clip-on garment. 
    • Indo-Western Sherwani: Sherwanis are basically suits with an Indian touch. It is a three-piece set, with a plain long kurta of a lighter shade used as an undergarment. Followed by a long overcoat till the knees with a darker shade of color. Instead of long coats, there are also blazer-like coats, giving the Indian traditional look. The bottomwear is generally silk chinos-like trousers or a churidar. You can also add a pocket square to the pocket of the overcoat or blazer. This look is a mass favorite Indo-Western dress for males during weddings, be it the wedding guests or the groom himself. For an amplified effect, a dupatta can be thrown over the shoulders and hands to give a more stylish or royal touch. 
  • Bandhgala suit set: Bandhgalas have been commonly worn as traditional wear, and adding that style to two-piece suit sets is an interesting twist. The bandh gala suit is shorter in length, like that of a normal blazer, with a button-down style. The bottoms are also of the same style as blazer pants, but the style here of this attire is that of traditional fabrics like silk and festive patterns. 
  • Indo-Western waistcoat: Waistcoats are basically a Western concept, so taking that idea into traditional wear of the Nehru jackets creates the Indo-Western waistcoats. These can be worn over kurtas to amplify their look and give a better styling touch of effort given to dress up. 
  • Jodhpuri suits: This suit is designed to incorporate the structure of Western suits with that of the Indian traditional style. A shorter Sherwani, basically a Jodhpuri suit, is worn with silk trousers. 

Styling the Indo Western outfits with accessories :

  • Shoes: Matching the outfit with shoes for important events is a very crucial thing to do. Now, if you are wearing an Indo-Western outfit, the most popular shoe option is Mojris. These are typical traditional men’s footwear worn only during weddings or festive seasons.
  • They are conical from the front and have a pointed edge curved up towards the tip, with intricate details all over the shoe. You can also opt for loafers, which are very comfortable yet fashionable men’s footwear. Leather,aux-leather, or suede-cover shoes or sandals can also be worn.
  • Jewellery: Men can wear small studded broaches on their suits and kurtas. Large neckpieces over their Sherwanis elevate their look, or small chains just to make a subtle statement. Men can also wear rings and bracelets. And if they want to button up their suit and kurta sleeves, they can also use jeweled cufflinks. 
  • Watch an analog or smartwatch, the most common accessory. Be it for casual occasions or weddings, a watch is a must-have for many people. 
  • Dupatta: If you want to intensify your kurta or sherwani outfit, you can try adding a trendy ethnic dupatta over them. You can wear it in different styles, like simply thrown over your shoulders in the front or wrapped over from one shoulder to another. During winter, you can also use stoles instead of dupattas, which would not just elevate your whole look but also protect you from the cold weather. 
  • Pocket square: Pocket squares are a Western accessory used to make a statement with blazers and suits. So when wearing a blazer or outer coat as your Indo-Western dress, there is a pocket generally on one side of those. You can add a contrast or bright-colored pocket square in it, which would add a dimension to the outfit. It sets you apart from the whole crowd, giving you a very classy look. 
  • Pagdi or turban: The groom, in most cases, wears this turban headgear called padgi. These are big dupatta-like clothing pieces wrapped in different styles, as per the wedding norms. The men of the family and friends of the bride and groom wear these pages as a sign of the significance of the wedding tradition. 

Conclusion :

The fusion of Indo-Western has crept well into the wedding-related attires as well. Thanks to this fusion, men now have a larger variety of options to choose from, keeping in mind the importance of the grand day, the fashion statement, and their comfort.

Men can now choose to style themselves unique from others and in the comfort of their style zone. Not only do the wedding guests or the close ones have these options available, but the groom can now opt for ideas of Indo-Western dress for weddings for males, too. Like, men now do not have to mandatorily hustle with the difficulties of a dhoti but can rather wear Indo-Western fitted pants instead. 

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