Different styles of summer dresses that hide belly bulge

You might not be the first person who is embarrassed regarding their summer dresses that hide belly bulge. Most people after a certain age face this type of problem due to not being able to take care of their health adequately.

However, health problems might not be the only reason behind a belly bulge, as continued stress, lack of metabolism, and exercise are a few other factors.

With the summer season approaching, you must have been excited to wear different types of stylish clothes. But due to having a belly bulge styling, the summer dresses might need some work to be done.

That is why, in this article, we have talked about numerous styles that you can try for summer dresses that hide belly bulges.

summer dresses that hide belly bulge

Pick a dress that either beautifies or covers your legs

When it comes to finding summer dresses that hide belly bulge, you can go for the ones that reach your legs. The shift dresses that go straight and have an A-line shape might be a classic way to hide your belly bulge.

You can try overall silhouettes, which can be an excellent choice as they have a crispy design where the middle part doesn’t cling to your body.

If you try such clothes out, going for sleeveless or long sleeves, either one could work. People who are confident regarding the aspect of showing their legs can pick shift dresses. At the same time, when selecting those, you can either choose ones that go beyond your knees or the ones that only cover them.

Select one color dress – summer dresses that hide belly bulge

You might have heard about the trick optical illusion, which can be of great use in hiding that belly bulge of yours. On choosing this method, you need to select a summer dresses that hide belly bulge that has one color drawn over it.

If you have yet to get one, then going for matching top or bottom might do the trick because a column of color that doesn’t have much difference seems like a straight line that isn’t broken. Although this type of style might work with any color, going with black or white would be the most effective option.

summer dresses that hide belly bulge

Opt for a long-form summer dresses that hide belly bulge

Whenever you are trying to style summer dresses that hide belly bulge, going with a long-form dress could be an ideal option.

Using those long-form dresses, you can easily camouflage the belly bulge, which is making you feel disturbed. When you opt for a summer dress that falls in the long-form category, you might not have to show any waist.

Because the whole region would be covered depending upon the dress you have chosen, nevertheless, try to go for some trendy outlook in color instead of going with the usual colors which people prefer to wear in summer.

Go for an open jacket – summer dresses that hide belly bulge

On hearing about jackets in the summer dresses that hide belly bulge season, you might be thinking how it would be possible without making yourself feel uncomfortable.

However, if you know the correct way of using open jackets then you can easily use them for hiding that belly bulge. Similar to single-color dresses, which create an optical illusion over your body. When you decide to wear an open jacket, you can easily hide your belly bulge.

Additionally, when you choose to wear an open jacket, you can quickly wear it over any category of summer dress that is suitable for you. For instance, if you have an invitation for an indoor party, going with this option might be an excellent choice. No other person in the party would dare have a hint over the prominent tummy of yours.

Untucking the top of your dress

When your main goal in wearing the summer dress is to hide that belly bulge of yours, then why not untuck your top? Untucking is the most efficient option you can go for when it comes to hiding a tummy that you don’t want people to see.

Try to pick any tees or polos that are long enough to cover any skin that you don’t want to show. Even when you sit, stretch, or bend, ensure your skin isn’t revealed to anyone beside you.

Regarding untucked styles, you can go for the option of button-down collared, which can be an excellent choice for all gatherings. Moreover, you also need to check if the top or dress chosen by you is short enough, as it might destroy the whole look.

summer dresses that hide belly bulge

Choose baggy clothes for the top.

One of the most effective options that you can avail for belly camouflaging would be going big on top. Additionally, if you want to avoid the top of yours accumulating much attention, going for some bottom-shaping clothes could be an option.

In this type of style, you can choose baggy clothes or tees that are oversized to help you hide the summer dresses that hide belly bulge.

When it comes to the bottom, go with skinny jeans or straight ones, which serve the purpose. On choosing this type of attire, people would be more focused on your upper body rather than what you have downstairs.

Distract people to other portions of your body

If you don’t want people to focus on your summer dresses that hide belly bulge, it would be best to distract them from other portions of your body. When people discover a part of the body that they feel doesn’t match their style, their whole focus is shifted toward that region.

Therefore, try to wear something flashy on the top, like a necklace or a jacket that matches your body language. Nevertheless, you can also opt for jumpsuits, which can be an exciting and trendy option that women prefer to wear.


These are a few of the styles that you can try out when figuring out which summer dress can help hide your belly bulge. When your tummy is hanging, it can ruin your whole attire of yours. That is why finding the best combination for hiding it underneath would be the best way to portray yourself.

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