American Personalities Who Left The World In 2023 - Let's explore full story

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28 December 2023 

In 2023 various American personalities from different fields left their legacy behind . Let's see some of these personalities.

Celebrities Who Died In 2023

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At the age of 99 Mike Nussbaum left the world. He has played roles in many movies like Field of Dreams and he has been an stage actor.

Mike Nussbaum

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On 25 July 2023, he left the world and a week ago his father passed away and he could not bear that loss and left his legacy behind.

Angus Cloud

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On 26 November 2023, Rosalynn -advocate for mental health and human rights left the world at the age of 96. She was found to be diagnosed with dementia in may.

Rosalynn Carter

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At the age of 61 the famous actor Andre Braugher who won Emmy award for his roles of Captain Raymond Holt on Brooklyn nine-nine passed away.

Andre Braugher

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On October 28, the famous Friends star Mathew Perry left the world. He was found dead inside his residence.

Mathew Perry

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Rubina Dilaik's Daughters

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