The winter of Kashmir is also very special. People here face the winter with their special clothes.

Firan is the most important part of Kashmiri dress. Firan is a long and loose gown, made of wool.

It keeps the body warm and comfortable. People wear kurta or salwar kameez under the firan.

People also wear pashmina shawls with firan. Pashmina is a very soft and expensive wool, made from the hair of Kashmiri goats.

Kashmiri phirans and shawls are still made in the traditional way. Various types of embroidery like Ari, Sojani, Kani, Jamwar are done on these.

Kashmiri firans and shawls are worn by both men and women. But there are some differences.

Men's firan is simple and long, while women's firan is short and colorful.

Kashmiri Firans and shawls are loved not only in Kashmir, but all over India and the world.