Pokemon are special creatures that use their special powers. They make friends with their owners and travel with them.

Pokemon started in 1996 in Japan. It has since become a popular video game, TV show, film, comic and toy.

There are many types of Pokemon such as Fire, Water, Lightning, Grass, Stone, Metal, Dragon, Ghost, Fairy etc. 

Pokemon trainers are people who catch, raise and train Pokemon. They keep their Pokemon in a Pokeball which is a small ball-like device.

A Pokemon battle is a game in which two or more Pokemon trainers pit their Pokemon against each other.

Some Pokemon evolve into a new form. Evolution changes the Pokemon's power, size, and appearance.

Pokemon have many friends who travel with them. Some of these are Ash, Misty, Brock etc.

Pokemon also have some enemies who want to harm them. Some of these are Team Rocket: They are a criminal organization that wants to steal rare and powerful Pokemon.