Exploring the Virtual Realm: Top 5 Open World Games of 2024!

By Trendy Fashion Plus

29 December 2023 

We will go on to immersive journey of exploring top 5 open world games for the year 2024 to play on your PC.

Top 5 open world games

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Elden Ring promises a vast and interconnected world with various creatures and Epic battles in this game.

Elden Ring

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If you want to explore limitless universe in the space then you should consider playing Starfield.


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The sequel of Horizon Zero Dawn Horizon Forbidden West comes up with open world which has introduced new robotic creatures.

Horizon Forbidden West

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And one of the favourite and Rockstar highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto VI is a must play game.

Grand Theft Auto VI

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Explore the journey on staying on island in the open world map in Far Cry 6 with magical powers and adventure.

Far Cry 6

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In the web-story mentioned below have a look at Vijay Sethupathi's initial desire to become an daily soap artist.

Vijay Sethupathi 

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