A Guide To What Color To Wear On Easter Sunday : 7 Best Tips

What color to wear on Easter Sunday

What Color To Wear On Easter Sunday


A very special festival for the Christians is Easter Sunday. As believed by Christians, according to the Bible, this festival reminisces about the resurrection of Jesus Christ after being pinned on the cross.

People rejoice and celebrate the day with special food, music, dance, and fun with their loved ones. A very interesting part of this festival is the colorful Easter eggs and Easter bunny.

So dressing appropriately for any festive season is also an integral thing, and you must be very thoughtful about what color to wear on easter Sunday as well. 

When you are at home, make colorful Easter egg decorations by turning the eggs into different colors and making pretty designs with them. You could also make an Easter basket of chocolates and other treats for children and give them as Easter tokens. 


What Color To Wear On Easter Sunday


What kind of clothes to wear during the Easter Sunday :


If you want to celebrate the day by going to the Church, then it would be best if you dressed accordingly, by wearing clothes that peak modesty.

You could wear flowy dresses or gowns, midi or maxi length. These could have patterns, designs, textures, or laces that bring out the feminine look more. If not a dress, you could also wear midi or maxi skirts and pair them with pretty blouses or tops.

Men could opt to wear shirts, and it would be better if they were formal shirts paired with well-fitted trousers. Or even maybe wear a jacket or coat with this outfit. For the shoes, wear any footwear item that goes well with your outfit but, most importantly, is comfortable for your foot and does not hurt you in the name of fashion.

Do not forget to carry accessories that would just make your look a lot better with their styling. You could wear a watch, hand accessories like bracelets or rings, colorful scarves, sunglasses, hats, or caps to shield yourself from the sun.

Also, do not forget to add delicate jewelry pieces to your feminine dresses, like pearl or dainty necklaces and earrings. And most importantly, dress as per the rules and norms of the Church you would be visiting, as the dressing norms differ from Church to Church. 

In case you are not going to the Church and would just go out with friends and family, choose your outfit keeping in mind what kind of plan you have, who will be coming, and how comfortable you are in that outfit. 

What color to wear on Easter Sunday :


    • White color: The purest color of all, white is a very special color for Christians. So, during this festival, the best color option that would symbolize purity, light, and innocence, and also bring peace within you is white. White color dresses would also look very elegant, put together, and not too over the top. 
    • Pastel colors: Since Easter Sunday takes place during springtime, the colors of Spring, that is, the pastel colors, are all around the corner. The color palette of pastel colors is not simply bright or light colors, they are very distinctive shades. And these colors are very soothing to the eye and the soul. In fact, pastel colors are quite in trend now as everyone is moving towards the less is more agenda, with choosing subtle colors over dramatic ones. 
  • Nude colors: The most “in” color in current times, nude is a very classy choice. For an elegant and poised look, you can dress yourself up in nude colors. But do remember to select those nude shades that are a close match to your skin tone that create a better look altogether. 
  • Black color: Some people may think it is an unsuitable color, but truly, there is no such thing as a bad omen through a specific color. However, Christians generally wear black when they are mourning. But black is a very classy color, and it could make look a lot better than the ones wearing pop bright colors. If you want to add a little color to your black outfit, you can add on a colorful scarf or style up in colorful accessories to build the look. 
  • Red color: The color you would want to go for an all-in bold look is none other than red. Red is a mass favorite color during festive seasons. Also, at Easter, it has a special symbolic representation. The color red symbolizes the blood of Jesus, which he shed with his sacrifice for humanity. Other than that, red also signifies love. And it would also make you stand out from the crowd and grab a lot of attention with its bold color. So you can easily opt for red colored dresses during Easter Sunday. 
  • Any other bold color: If you want to stand out from the whole crowd and make your presence attractive, you should opt for colors that are very catchy in the eyes. Other than red, there are other colors like neon, bright yellow, or bright pink. These colors also look quite good during the daytime of the Spring season. 
  • Pink color: The shade of pink is a very close color of the Spring. It highlights the feminine vibe as well as represents joy, love, and innocence. Florals are also mostly in mind during Spring, so the different hues of pink would be a great choice, keeping that in mind. 
  • Gold color: A very popular festive color, gold thrives amid all other colors as an evergreen option. The golden color symbolizes a victory or a celebration, as the one we do on the resurrection of Jesus after death. 
  • Green color: Another very crucial color of Spring, green stands for new beginnings, like the new leaves of the trees during Spring time. The color also signifies nature and abundance. 
  • Yellow color: The one color you think of when you want to symbolize happiness is this one. This color represents warmth, friendship, and sunshine in our lives. The color yellow makes a whole effect of a very comforting color to many people. 

Conclusion  :


Since Easter Sunday is a festival during the Spring season, you could try to choose more bright, happy, and pastel colors regarding what you are planning to wear.

Anyhow, do not strictly follow anybody’s suggestions on what color to wear on Easter Sunday; do what feels and looks good for you. Whatever the trend, comfort should always be on par with, or rather kept above, fashion. 

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