Formal Evening Wear for Men- 5 Best Tips

Formal Evening Wear for Men


In the modern world, something is changing every day. There are so many terminologies for each type of fashion, that it’s hard to follow up on everything. While it is important to be aware of some of the timeless fashion terminologies such as formal evening wear for men. It may not sound as a fashion, but every wear is essentially a fashion. It would be more appropriate to call it “dress code”.  


Whether attending a gala, wedding, or black-tie event, mastering the art of dressing for the occasion is an essential skill for every man. In this guide, we will look into the nuances of formal evening wear, exploring the various options, etiquette, and style tips to ensure you make a lasting impression.


Understanding Dress Codes: 


Formal evening wear for men can mean a variety of dress codes and attires. Usually the formal evening wear for men refers to the black tie and white tie dress code.  Understanding what this exactly means, would require a significant amount of research and hustle. But who has that much time? Here is a quick but in depth guide on dress codes for  formal evening wear for men which you can read on the go.  


Black Tie Attire: 


You must have heard of the black tie weddings and if you are confused what it means, here you go with it. In case you don’t know, the black tie attire is basically a dress code, especially required in black-tie themed weddings. Below is a complete collection of what you should wear in a black tie wedding as a formal evening wear for men. 




When you are attending a formal celebration such as an award ceremony, a royal wedding, gala events, tuxedos are one of the best picks. Evolving from the 19th century, where tuxedos were considered as appropriate wear for elite social gatherings, their use is now limited to mostly formal events or weddings.  


Especially, in the events where the requirement is white tie or black tie dress code, tuxedos are the best choice. Classic black-tie attire consists of a well-tailored jacket, formal trousers, and a crisp dress shirt.The jacket, often single-breasted, exudes elegance and is a staple for any formal evening occasion. 


Matching Trouser or Formal Pants


Put up a matching colored trouser with your modern tuxedo. Go for the dark-colored formal trousers. The fabric should be comfortable to you and should allow your movement. Avoid too tight, shiny trousers or formal pants. 


Formal White Shirt


What else can better complement, than a white shirt. A formal shirt is absolutely necessary when you are having formal evening wear as a man. Go for a piqué or pleated front formal shirt. Ensure that the shirt is well pressed and best fit for your body. 


Shirt Studs and Cufflinks


Do not forget to add extra details to your look such as elegant shirt studs and premium cufflinks. Pick up the formal shirt studs and cufflinks of your choice. 


Black bow tie 


The black tie attire is incomplete without a black bow tie. One can have a complete black bow tie or go for some variations and creativity. Once you have it on, you are about to complete your black tie attire.  


Black Cummerbund to Match Tie


However it is optional to have a cummerbund, it is considered as a good formal attire. Alternatively you can have the black vest. Mostly the vest is preferred, the both options are highly formal.  


Black Shoes and Socks 


Last but not least in formal evening wear for men, is the black shoes and black socks. You can go for any type of formal shoes and socks. Remember that these shoes should allow you to move easily and complement your other accessories such as belt, and watches well. Overall you should wear shoes in order to get a cohesive look. 


A White Tie Attire 


White tie attire is not much different from the black tie attire. As you might have got idea from the name itself, white tie attire is another common evening formal men wear with more focus on white. The details are pretty same as that of black tie attire but little tweaks are there that one should be aware of.


A White Bow Tie


White tie attire is incomplete without the white tie, isn’t it. So let’s start with that. White bow tie is necessary in the white tie attire. In the modern world, you can go for a pre-tied white bow.  


Evening Tailcoat 


Another essential part of the white tie attire. Evening tailcoat should be worn, which should be unbuttoned and with peaked lapels. As a wise choice,  go for the black-colored evening tailcoat on the white shirt. 


Evening shirt 


A white shirt with single folded cuffs is essential for the white tie attire. Remember that shirt should be stiff, free of wrinkles, and should be fit enough to your size and shape.    


Studs and Cufflinks 


Even little things matter in such formal evening wear for men. Studs and cufflinks also come in the essentials of the studs and cufflinks. Do not ignore them.  


Suits – A Safe Formal Evening Wear for Men 


While tuxedos steal the spotlight, dark-colored suits remain a safe choice for formal events. Opt for deep shades such as navy or charcoal. Add more details such as high-quality fabrics. A well-tailored suit paired with the right accessories can be just as good as a tuxedo.


You can opt for one of the following. 


  • Classic Two-Piece Suit
  • Three-Piece Suit
  • Double-Breasted Suit
  • Linen Suit
  • Patterned Suit


Make sure that you go for the comfortable and decent fabric. As already being said, dark colors are the best for formal evening wear. Paired with formal pants, shoes and appropriate accessories the suits are decent formal evening wear for men. 


Additional Accessories


In the case of formal events, one must not ignore the smaller details. As we have talked much about what to wear, what color to choose for formal evening wear for men, it’s important to take a look at the accessories. The list of essential accessories for formal evening wear for men includes a variety of dress shirts, cufflinks, neckwear options, bow ties and so on.  


Dress shirts and cufflinks


One can go literally for a variety of the shirts to try out what looks best. Ultimately the decision comes down to one or two choices. Plain and one colored shirts are usually preferred for formal wear.  The most preferred option is to go for the crisp white shirt. Even if it is a formal wear, you can add little flair to your look by choosing premium cufflinks. 


Neckwear options


The neckwear does not mean the golden chains and all. You can go for various ties and bowties for the neckwear to enhance your formal wear. The safest one is a black tie or bowtie. While over a black shirt, you can opt for a white tie. Also, the patterned ties are not a bad idea. 



One of the best accessories in every man’s attire is the watch. The watch suddenly adds a flair to the professional look. It’s time for smartwatches, but for formal occasions, you can go for premium wristwatches. The dial should be optimum for your hand size. The belts of the wristwatches should match your look. 


Once you get the right attire and accessories, you are ready to attend any formal event. But there are certain details that you should be aware of. 


Keep These Things in Mind: 


Confidence is a key to shine in every event. And proper attire appropriate for formal events is what you need to show up confidently. Once you have that, you can approach and impress people with your confidence. 


One of the important things in formal evening wear for men, is the choice of the colors. The color combination that you are going to wear, should match with the requirements of the event. 


Make sure that you have properly tailored suits as per your shape and size. Avoid too loose or too tight sets of clothing. While it is important that formal attire should allow you to move freely with comfort. 


Wear a Smile 🙂


A smile is the cherry on top of your efforts to look good. Smiling every time to everyone without a reason may not be proper etiquette to follow, you must wear a smile when greeting somebody, or while talking to someone. 


Final thoughts: evening wear for men


Through this detailed guide on formal evening wear for men, we covered the different types of dress codes, the safe wear for every occasion, the accessories to enhance the look, some additional tips for attending formal events and the importance of a smile in such events.

While we talked about black tie and white tie attires, the tuxedos are essentials. The dress shirts, pants, shoes and the other accessories such as cufflinks and studs, belts, and watches everything got covered here. Hope these few words, were worth of your time. 

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