How To Dress Up Like SITA- 5 Top Dressing Tips


How To Dress Up Like SITA


Sita is a Hindu Goddess and a female protagonist from the famous Hindu epic, RAMAYANA. She is the wife of Lord Rama who is known for her dedication,

courage, sacrifice and purity. Dressing up like Sita, involves wearing traditional  Indian attire and minimal accessories.

Here’s a simple guide on how to dress like Sita:

1. Choose the perfect saree:


How To Dress Up Like SITA

Select a sari with vibrant colors such as bright yellow or red which symbolize purity, love, and spirituality. You can go for a silk sari or the fabric maybe georgette that is generally associated with traditional Indian outfits. Draping the sari in Nivi style which highlights the body curves and silhouette, will add authenticity to the look.

2. Blouse selection:


When it comes to draping a saree, choosing a perfect matching blouse is complementary. Pair your chosen sari with a matching blouse. You can select a blouse with self-colored embroidery or embellishments, or just keep it simple with a plain solid color. Keeping the blouse long-sleeved or short, depends on your preference.

3. Jewelry and accessories:


The role of Sita is often portrayed with exquisite jewelry. Complete with look with traditional Indian ornaments like Ear rings, necklace, bangles, a headpiece and anklets. Opt for gold jewelry to apprehend the royalty of the character. Additional accessories like armlets, nose pins and waist chains can add authenticity to your traditional ensemble.

4. Hair and make-up:


How To Dress Up Like SITA

Sita is often described as a beautiful woman with long, flowing hair. You can keep your hair loose and add flowers or hair accessories that enhance the look. Keep your make-up simple and natural. Use earthy tones for eye shadows and red lipstick. A black kohl to your eyes will enhance your look. Wear a traditional red bindi or any other color that complements your outfit.

5. Footwear:


Complete your look with traditional Indian footwear like sandals or mojris that complement your attire.

6. Props:


Consider carrying a lotus flower or a symbolic prop related to the Ramayana. This will enhance your character and create a deeper connection to the traditional ensemble.



Dressing up like Sita is not just about wearing a costume, it’s a beautiful journey into the rich, mythological, and cultural heritage of Hinduism. By carefully choosing the traditional attire, and accessories and paying attention to details, you can represent the grace and elegance associated with this historic character.

So, whether it is a special occasion or a cultural celebration of diversity, follow this guide to transform yourself into the embodiment of Sita’s eternal beauty.


FAQs for  How To Dress Up Like SITA


1. I am 35 years old, can I dress up as Sita?

Ans: Yes, absolutely can. When it comes to dressing up as a character like Sita, age is not a restriction. The happiness of dressing up and celebrating cultural

and mythological figures is not limited to age. You can tailor your outfit according to your personal preferences and comfort. The key is to embrace the

beauty associated with the character while adapting the costume to your own style.


2. Can I wear floral jewelry with a simple yellow sari to portray the role of Sita?

Ans: Wearing floral jewelry with a simple yellow sari is an absolute choice for portraying the role of Sita. This combination can embrace the essence of Sita”s

character, who is often depicted with simplicity, grace and a connection to natural beauty. Here’s how you can incorporate the floral jewelry for  embodying Sita’s character:

  • Maang tikka: Choose a floral maang tikka, which symbolizes the purity and devotion of Sita.
  •  Earrings: Opt for natural and understated floral earrings that complement the yellow color of your sari, aligning with Sita’s character.
  • Bangles or Bracelets: Consider wearing bangles or bracelets made of real or artificial flowers.
  • Anklets: Embrace your ankles with floral anklets for a simple feminine touch.
  • Hair accessories: Incorporate floral accessories into your hairstyle like floral hairpins, floral hairbands or a floral crown.


3. What footwear should I wear for playing Sita’s character?

Ans: For portraying Sita’s character, it’s essential to opt for footwear that complements the traditional Indian attire and enhances the overall portrayal of the character. You can choose traditional mojris, ethnic flats, kolhapuri chappals, juttis or heeled sandals that can add sophistication to your overall appearance while maintaining the traditional look.


4. What color sari can I wear to portray Sita’s role?

Ans: Sita is often depicted wearing Indian traditional attire which includes a sari. However, the color of the sari can vary depending on the different cultural

interpretations a red sari symbolizes marital bliss, love, and commitment which indicates Sita is a devoted wife of Lord Rama. You can opt for a yellow

or off-white sari which symbolizes purity, representing Sita’s noble character. Blue can be another option for interpreting divinity and spiritual significance.


5. How to dress up my 5 year old daughter like Sita?

Ans: For dressing up your 5 year old daughter like Sita, use pre-stitched cotton sari for easy handling. Match the sari with a perfect blouse. Complete the look

with traditional Indian jewelry like earrings, necklaces and bangles. You can braid her hair adorned with floral hairband or hair pins, or keep loose for longer hair. Make-up must be kept simple with a small bindi on her forehead.  Consider wearing anklets and comfortable flats or sandals for footwear. Ensure that the costume is culture sensitive and respectful by avoiding any kind of symbols on it.


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