How To Cover Up A Formal Outfit

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How to Cover Up a Formal Outfit?

Formal outfits are indeed essential in the corporate world  or academic field. The formal wear adds a great look to your personality. But sometimes you do not want to be too formal, so that you become more approachable and friendly. In such cases, it takes an hour to have a look that is both formal and non-formal. However, finding such a type of outfit is not an easy task. What about covering up a formal outfit? A cover up can save your time as well as mental efforts in finding the right piece of wear. Isn’t it? 

Here is the guide on how to cover up a formal outfit on the go and what are different cover ups you can use for formal outfits. These cover up wears are easy to access, put on and carry.

Cover Up For Formal Outfit

There can be different reasons why one needs to cover up a formal outfit. The basic characteristics a cover up for a formal outfit should have are listed here. A cover up for formal outfit should 

  • Not be something easily get noticed, 
  • Easy to blend with the formal outfit
  • Quick to put on and carry 
  • Not compromise your look  

Apart from these basic requirements, a cover up should be stylish, simple or trendy depending on your choice and comfort. The comfort, ease, fit and other things are also important factors.  

How To Cover Up a Formal Outfit? 

To cover up a formal outfit, one needs to think of all aspects such as 

Why Cover Up a Formal Outfit?

There can be several reasons to cover up a formal outfit including the weather conditions, style, dress code and much more. 

  • Weather Considerations:

Covering up can be practical in cooler temperatures or if you’re attending an event in an air-conditioned venue. A jacket, shawl, or cardigan can provide warmth without compromising style.

  • Modesty or Dress Code:

Certain events may have specific dress codes or require a level of modesty. Adding a cover-up can help you adhere to these guidelines while still looking sophisticated.

  • Style Enhancement:

A well-chosen cover-up can elevate your overall style by introducing new textures, colors, or patterns to your outfit. It allows you to experiment with different looks and make a fashion statement.

  • Day-to-Evening Transition:

If you’re attending an event that extends from daytime to evening, a cover-up can help you transition seamlessly. For example, adding a blazer during the day and a statement shawl for the evening can transform your look.

  • Personal Comfort:

It’s not uncommon for individuals to feel more comfortable with some areas of their body covered. Whether it’s for personal preference or cultural reasons, a cover-up provides the flexibility to adapt your outfit to your comfort level.

What Are Some Possible Options to Cover Up a Formal Outfit?

There are different options to cover up the formal outfit such as blazers, shawls, capes, accessories etc.  Finding a perfect cover up for your formal outfit is definitely not a simple task. But if one has options to choose from, it becomes easy to choose what suits him or her. Here are best and appropriate options for the cover up that are easy to put on and do not feel unusual. 

  • Blazers and Jackets:

Opt for a well-fitted blazer or jacket that complements your formal outfit. It adds a layer of sophistication and can instantly elevate your look. Consider neutral colors like black, navy, or gray for versatility. Jackets and blazers can be used to cover up formal outfit easily, and does not compromise with your style. 

  • Classic Blazer

A classic blazer  that works well with dresses, skirts, or dress pants. Neutral color blazers  like black, navy, or charcoal gray are easy to blend with the formal dresses. 


  • Leather Jacket: 

Leather jackets are trendy, fashionable piece of wear. They can be worn on any type of the shirts and t shirts. So they are easy to cover up formal outfit. For a touch of edginess, a well-fitted leather jacket can instantly transform your formal outfit into a stylish look.

  • Longline Blazer: 

When it comes to coverup of formal outfit with the blazers, longline blazer is a stylish option that adds a touch of modernity. 

These blazers and jackets can be a good way to cover up formal outfit easily and without compromising your look. Leather jackets are the best and safe option from all above. Depending on the vibe you wanna have, opt for an appropriate blazer or jacket. 




  • Cardigans and Sweaters:

A stylish cardigan or sweater can be a great option, especially in cooler weather. Choose one that complements the color of your formal attire. A V-neck or button-down sweater can look particularly polished. There are variety of cardigans and sweaters such as cashmere cardigan, cable-knit sweaters, turtleneck sweaters etc. Choose one you like as a cover up for formal wear. 

  • Cashmere Cardigan: 

A cashmere cardigan adds a touch of warmth and elegance to your attire. To cover up formal outfit, a cashmere cardigan can be a good option for women  and men. You can go for various designs or stick to classic colors like burgundy, camel, or cream.

  • Cable-Knit Sweater: 

Sweaters can coverup the forma outfits easily. Just put it on, and you are in a complete different attire. Especially in the winter seasons simple cable knit sweaters provide warmth as well as the cover up for your formal outfit. It can be paired also with a pencil skirt or tailored pants.


  • Turtleneck Sweater: 

A turtleneck can bring a change to your formal attire. It’s a versatile option that works well with various outfits.

Whether it is a formal outfit or any other wear, sweaters can cover up them easily. And they look very usual to wear, so no one notices the cover up.

How To Cover Up A Formal Outfit

  • Scarves:

A silk or cashmere scarf can add a touch of elegance to your formal look. Choose a color or pattern that complements your outfit. You can drape it casually over your shoulders or tie it in a loose knot for a chic look.

  • Silk Scarf

One of the outfit coverups is silk scarf. The scarfs are great to coverup as they match with the outfit. However silk scarves are not very usual, but they can cover up a formal wear very well. 

  • Cashmere Wrap: 

Among the different types of the scarves cashmere wraps really stand out. They are perfect especially for cooler evenings, and provide warmth with a touch of luxury. 

  • Blanket Scarf: 

A large, cozy blanket scarf can be a stylish and practical choice. Wrap it around your shoulders or wear it as a shawl, it is a perfect choice for covering up formal outfit.

Scarves from silk to cashmere wrap are an easy to carry cover up for the formal outfits. 

  • Cape or Shawl:

Shawls can be a great way to cover up formal outfit. Many celebs have used this to cover up their attires. A good cape or shawl can be draped over your shoulders and add a sense of glamour to your overall look. However the choice of the shawl depends on your requirements for cover up of formal look. A black shawl would be great for most of the formal attire. 

  • Trench Coat:

A classic trench coat is not only practical for varying weather conditions but also adds a timeless and sophisticated touch to your outfit. Choose a length and color that complements your style.Trench coats are easy to wear on formal outfits as they get quickly blend with them. One can go for classic trench coat, belted trench or printed trench coats. 

  • Tailored Vest:

If you’re feeling adventurous, a well-tailored vest can be a unique addition to your formal attire. It can be worn over a dress shirt, providing a polished and slightly unconventional look. Variety of the vests are available in market including longline vest, sleeveless vest and other options. Though vests are also a formal type of piece, depending on the type of the tailored vest you can shift the level of formality. 

  • Accessories:

One can go for accessories like a bold necklace, elegant earrings, or a classy watch to cover up formal outift. These can divert attention and add a personal touch to your formal attire.However they are not exactly cover up, but they add a flair to your formal look and do a cover up in indirect manner. 

What Are Some Additional Things To Do For Covering Up a Formal Outfit?

To cover up the formal outfit certain factors such as fit and proportion, color coordination, seasonal adaptation etc. should be considered. 


Remember, the key is to choose complementary pieces that enhance your outfit rather than overpower it. Experiment with different combinations to find what suits your personal style best. Whether it’s a blazer for a business meeting or a stylish shawl for a formal event, these additions can make you stand out in the crowd while maintaining a polished appearance.Fee free to share your queries and thoughts on this guide. 

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