How To Wear A Hat For Ladies : 5 TOP TIPS

How To Wear A Hat For Ladies

How To Wear A Hat For Ladies


Fashion has become so implemented in our everyday lives that we cannot imagine our dressing sense without it. Be it an outfit or wearing a hat, we always want to keep fashion integrated with our body style. Nowadays people think about their looks before equipping any outfit, even if they are wearing a hat.

In this article, you will get to know how fashion sense regarding hats can be implemented to you and especially about How To Wear a Hat For Ladies. Moreover, you shall get to know which type of hat will suit your face structure.


Although it is very common to wear a hat, the hat is mainly worn in two seasons, firstly, the hat is used a lot in the winter season and the purpose behind wearing it is to be protected from cold, but the purpose of wearing a hat in summer is If you want to protect yourself from the sun.

But apart from these hats, some casual hats are worn to merge with the body outfit. So we have come up with an overview through which you will know How To Wear a Hat for ladies especially.

How To Wear A Hat For Ladies


If there is anything that poses difficulty to women in wearing a hat, then it is their hair or face. Often, girls who have long hair are not able to wear a hat properly and alternatively, those whose hair is short have the same problem and they too are not able to wear any style of hat in such a way that their face and hat look aligned.

How To Wear A Hat With Long Hair


If you have long hair and you are wearing a hat with a long brim, then you should keep your hair straight and not tie. After doing so, your hair will get aligned with the gat perfectly. If you are wearing a short hat, you will have to tuck your hair, first of all comb your hair back, after tucking it, wear a short hat like a baseball hat.


How To Wear A Hat For Ladies


How To Wear A Hat With Short Hair


Although girls with short hair do not have the option to tuck their hair, in such a situation they will have to take the help of a third factor. Like, if girls with short hair are wearing a hat, they have to either tie a scarf around their neck or they may get earrings. Now, almost all types of hats would be perfectly aligned with short hair.

Apart from equipping hats, some issues do not let you feel satisfied wearing a hat. These include the face shape. So, move ahead and you can have a complete guide regarding the same.

How To Choose Hats


It is more difficult for women to find a perfect hat than wearing one because not every type of hat suits their face, so the first step that you should take in your dressing sense regarding hats should be you choose the right hat according to your face. If you have no idea about this then you can choose the one which is right for your face through the guide given below.

  1. Round Shaped Face

An overwhelming majority of girls have round faces. Now this is such a face structure that not every type of hat suits to it. If you have a round face then you can prefer a hat with a high crown as it will make your round face look longer. Along with this, you should keep in mind that the brim of the hat should not be round, in such a situation the round brim will be merged to your round face and make your face look wider.

  1. Long Face

If your face is long and your face is more prominent, then you can wear a hat with a small crown the edges should be round. After dressing up, your face will suit with this hat and won’t make your face appear longer.

  1. Oval Shaped Face

Oval-shaped girls are always confused about which type of hat will suit their face, so we suggest you go with a hat that has a round brim and is a little shorter in length because in this case, your oval shape will be integrated with the hat and balance the face.

  1. Heart Shaped Face

Often the facial shape of girls looks like a heart shape, that is, if you see, their forehead is a bit wide and the jawline is a bit pointed. In such a condition, their overall face is like a heart. Girls with such face shape should consider a hat with a small brim and along with this, the crown should also be small and not long. Now your face has got a perfect combination for the hat.

  1. Square Shaped Faced

If your face looks like a square, then to date you would surely have never been able to achieve a perfect hat because ladies with square-shaped faces often are confused and are not able to select the right hat that suits their faces.

A Lady with a square-shaped face should always wear a long-brimmed hat with a medium crown i.e. neither too tall is too short but the front of the hat should be long so that this hat integrates very well with your square shape. After such implementation, your face will surely get matched with your face and there would be no worries for hat and face alignment.



In this article, you will get to know about a great fashion idea for ladies which is related to the hat. It goes like How To Wear Hat. If you were facing any problem regarding any way to wear a hat, be it face structure or hair, complete information has been given to you in this article, after reading which you too will be able to adopt a perfect dressing sense regarding your hat. Stay connected with us to read more content related to Body Appearance.

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