Why Kashmir Winter Clothes Are Famous- 5 Best Insights

kashmir winter clothes

An overview of Kashmir winter clothes :


Everyone widely knows the beauty of Kashmir due to its great publicity of the beauty here. It is also a known fact that Kashmir is a cold place, but the level of coldness here, especially in the Winter season, is not something very well-known to people outside of Kashmir.

It is said that the temperature here fluctuates very frequently, from place to place and also as per the time of the day. Kashmir is vastly famous for its winter garments and fine tapestry, where the materials of the clothing, as well as the embroidery, are strikingly phenomenal.

The winter wear here works not just as an aid to cover yourself in warmth but also as a treasured style statement. The garments here dwell on the rich cultural heritage of the region and spread widely across global nations as well.

kashmir winter clothes

Benefits of wearing Kashmir winter clothes :


  • Protects against the cold weather: The Kashmir winter garments are designed in a way so that they can endure the cold weather there. As the region itself is a cold zone, these garments would suffice well in other regions of the World as well, with good protection.
  • Keeps you warm and cozy: The garments here are made of multiple layers of fabric and wool, so they are bound to keep you feeling the warmth and have a good cold resistance. The fabrics feel very soft on the skin, which makes them all cozier and more comforting.
  • It stands out as a style statement: Kashmir winter garments are made with great hard work by artisans who make intricate designs on them. These designs reflect the rich culture of the region, which itself stands out as gorgeous. This winterwear is an example of how you can skip your boring shawls, sweaters, and jackets for Kashmiri winterwear so that you do not compromise on style to endure the cold.

kashmir winter clothes

Types of winter Kashmir clothes :


  • Warm jacket: For the ones who do want to make a great style statement even in strong cold weather, warm jackets are a great choice. Made up of good quality, luxurious fabric adorned with the traditional embroidery and precision of the artisans here, you just would not complain about compromising on fashion due to the weather. The quality also ensures that it stays intact for many years ahead as it is a statement piece that even the sellers there would want you to keep always. The warm jackets are also a must-have winter wear, as they can be very easily paired with anything.
  • Waterproof jacket: To save yourself from the snowfall in Kashmir’s Winter, you need to have a waterproof jacket with you. The woolen and luxurious fabrics would not suffice here; rather, they would just get wet in the snow. The waterproof jackets are double layered, with thermal and fur for warmth inside and a puffer-style water-resistant material on the outside. This garment will protect from rain, cold as well as snow. The jacket also has a waterproof hood attached, with fur on the inside.
  • Heavy woolens: Winter garments here are mostly a little heavy and bulky in structure, as they are the ultimate source of warm clothes. These are generally made of coarse wool material, which gives them a rugged look due to their texture, but when worn, they look very elegant and sophisticated. These heavy woolens protect best from the harsh cold winds.
  • Light jacket: The traditional bulky, warm jacket, although a great savior in the cold climate, is kind of really heavy to carry around. For that, light jackets are preferred as well because they can be easily carried. You can style them even with jeans and skirts for a casual look but with a hint of tradition to it.
  • Ladies’ jacket: Ladies’ jackets for Kashmir winter wear have gained quite a popularity, as previously they were mainly shawls for them. The jackets come in various lengths, so you could even style these with sarees and many other outfits. They are made of wool or silk and based on delicate embroidery, which reflects the heritage of Kashmir.
  • Pheran: This is a unique clothing item of Kashmir, which resembles a salwar suit or a robe. The difference here is the material is of soft wool that protects you from severe cold winds. The fit of Pheran is kind of loose with heavy embroidery, and the sleeves are very long, loose, and broad towards the end of the hands. It gives a combination of Indian and Pakistani dress vibe. Women traditionally wear this with a warm head scarf known as Kasaba or Tauranga. Men wear it with a tightly fitted cap. This winter clothing is a little long, goes below the knees, and is worn with pajamas.
  • Kashmiri shawls: Shawls are a very common winter wear in India. The Kashmiri shawls are woolen shawls made up of Cashmere, which is wool from the goats of Kashmir. The fabric provides great warmth and is very smooth on the skin. The artisans then put up beautiful embroidery work over these soft fabrics. Shawls of Kashmir are, in fact, said to be the most excellent Indian textiles in terms of quality, service, and look.

kashmir winter clothes

Advantages of different types of Kashmir winter clothes :


The Kashmir winter clothing items are not only more affordable than global items but are also great statement pieces. It helps in indigenization. The specialty of Kashmir winter garments, Pheran, are of various types ranging from different price ranges.

It would not only provide you with proper warmth for that environment, but when you wear that piece outside of Kashmir, you would have many people noticing and complimenting you on it.

Also, these winter garments are traditionally very soft, as they are made with Pashmina and mostly handmade with detailed embroidery work. It makes it very easy to carry and also shows its unique style as well.

Conclusion :


Kashmiri winter garments are truly one of a kind, given their roots tied to the region’s heritage and culture. A genuine buyer would have a knack for including unique items in their closet, and the work of Kashmiri artisans is phenomenal.

Kashmir winter garments have reached a global stage where thousands of people outside India are influenced by their fashion culture.

The winter wear upholds the rich heritage of Kashmir and goes hand in hand with tradition and contemporary fashion.

kashmir winter clothes

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