what color shoes to wear with a red dress: 3 Best Tips

what color shoes to wear with a red dress

A guide to what color shoes to wear with a red dress?


Red is a very vibrant and bold color that attracts people’s attention right away when they see it. Most people like to wear a red dress at important events or on occasions that require extra care to put up a stunning look. 

Color theory primer


Color theory is basically a practical guideline for mixing colors. It is presented in circle form, which shows visual effects created by different color combinations. Also known as the color wheel, it separates the wheel-shaped figure into three segments: primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Primary colors are those which cannot be made by mixing with any other color. Rather, these colors are mixed to make other secondary and tertiary colors.

Red, yellow, and blue are the primary colors or “primers,” which are basically the main three colors that create the whole palette. Red is a prime color, goes along with almost every color, and creates a wholesome look. 

what color shoes to wear with a red dress

Considerations when choosing shoes for wear with red dress


Just wearing a particular dress is not sufficient; it is important to style it as well. For that, you need to wear matching accessories and footwear.

There are a variety of women’s footwear, not just heels and flats. But a more segregated variety, all set for different purposes and occasions. There are also certain factors to be considered when choosing what kind of shoes to wear with a red dress. 

  1. Skin tone: Discriminating a style statement according to different skin tones is firstly not a very advisable thing to do. Red is a very beautiful color that looks great on everyone. So you can opt for any shade of color you like if it goes well with the red outfit you are wearing. However, if you want to wear a nude color, choose the shade of nude that matches your skin tone. It would make the whole look more elegant and stylish as well. 
  2. Occasions: You can decide to wear heels or elegant sandals for occasion wear that elevate your look completely. Colors like golden silver are ideal festive and party wear choices. The shoes can be metallic or covered with rhinestones as well to give a chic look. The shine from the gold color grabs attention and creates a completely festive look.
  3. You can wear golden stilettos, block heels, or even sandals. And if you do not want to go for the gold color footwear, then you can opt for silver color ones. You can also prefer to go for a monochrome look that matches the red shade of your dress to the footwear. It is very important to match the correct shade of red, or else it will ruin the whole look.
  4. Try to wear red heels or sandals that would create a chic look, rather than wearing red sneakers or canvas, which look too extravagant and could even come across as a bad fashion Taste. During winter, you could also wear boots to give an edgy look to your red dress. Match the color of the boots with either black or brown, as these two colors are best suited as boots and go well. 

what color shoes to wear with a red dress

  • Fabric and textures of the dress: The type of fabric your dress is makes it a viable choice for what kind of reason it should be worn. If the fabric is breathable and has a minimal design to it, you can wear it for casual outings.
  • For that, the matching footwear could be white sneakers for the classic trendy, yet comfy look. Or you could wear them with black shoes which go well with every style, in every situation. Also, if the red dress you are wearing has textures in other colors, match your shoes with those other colors to create a fashion statement. 
  • Your personal style preference: Different people have different kinds of choices and personal choices that must be upheld while styling an outfit. Comfort above fashion must always be kept in mind. Also, not everyone can pull off the same kind of style.
  • What works for one will not necessarily work for another person as well. And, you cannot always keep buying new shoes to match different colors of outfits, that is not very pocket-friendly.
  • So pair up your red dress with whatever type of shoes and color you like or already have with you. For a casual outing, if you opt for a red color dress, you can wear sneakers, canvas, ballerinas, or even sandals in any preferred color of your choice. 
  • Popular colors for shoes to wear with a red dress :
  1. Black: This is a universal color that goes well with anything and everything. This color shoe must be there in your wardrobe, in different shoe styles, to pair with all outfits. The two colors together create a more bold look with a very color-block effect.
  2. White: The other universal color, white is another must-have shoe color that you can pair with anything. White and red, too, is a great combination. You can pair your red dress with white sneakers. It creates a whole different subtle look altogether and makes a classic statement. 
  3. Brown: Brown has been regarded as boring and overlooked for that reason previously, but now the color is regaining huge popularity, especially among the youth. There are also different shades of brown, some of which are closely mixed with nude colors, which create a very classic look, for instance, the tan color. 
  4. Clear or Transparent: Nowadays, clear straps or clear heels are on trend where there is no significant color to footwear. The heels or the straps are transparent, and that creates a great statement.
  5. Nude color: In the past years, nude color has come across as a mass favorite, trendy color for all true reasons. It gives a very classy, elegant look and can be paired with everything quite easily. The nude shade you are wearing must be closer to your skin tone, as it appeals more attractive and put together. 

what color shoes to wear with a red dress

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