Ideas for last-minute easy hairstyles for short hair

Ideas for last minute easy hairstyles for short hair

last-minute easy hairstyles for short hair

Having short hair is very much in trend now as it looks very elegant and stylish that way. Short hair also majorly helps in managing hair much more easily than longer hair length.

Also, longer hair, although it is a better pool for styling hair, it does take a lot of time in the process. So, the length here works both as an advantage as well as a disadvantage. 

On the other hand, due to the short amount of hair, it is mostly regarded that short hair does not allow much styling. Many women, in fact, do not go for shorter haircuts due to the lack of styling ideas, even though they crave that cut.

But that is a misconception, as there can be various options that you can use as last-minute easy hairstyles for short hair. So, there needs no further fretting, as you can easily style your short haircut in as many different ways as you want. 

Ideas for last minute easy hairstyles for short hair

Last-minute easy hairstyles for short hair :

  • Beach waves: To give a defined structure to your hair along with an effortlessly put-together look, try doing beach waves. These are very mild and loose curls that create the effect of waves in the hair. This hairstyle also gives a feminine touch to your look. 
  • Side swept hair: Nicely comb your hair, or straighten it if you want to, and then make a side partition. Tuck in the smaller side behind the ears with bobby pins. And sweep it toward the major portion of the hair. Make the hair fall on one side of your shoulders. 
  • Half up, half down, open hair: When you want to keep your hair off your face but also want to keep it open, it is kind of a dilemma as to what to do. The best way is dividing your hair in half, clipping the top part of your hair with bobby pins, and leaving the rest down to maintain the length of the hair. 
  • Half updo ponytail: Another popular half-hair up, half-hair down style is tying the upper half of your hair in a high and tight ponytail and leaving the rest half open to fall. This hairstyle gives a very chic and professional look. 
  • High ponytail: You can take the whole portion of your hair and comb it properly to accumulate the hair in a ponytail and then tie it in a higher position to give the illusion of a longer ponytail. 
  • Dutch braids: You can braid your hair right from the beginning of the scalp till the end to make Dutch braids. To make the look cuter, make two of these braids on either side of the hair. 
  • Messy bun: Buns in short hair is quite a task and take much time and effort. Still, if you want to take an easier and quicker route, then go for messy buns, which do not require the hair to be perfect. That allows you to play with your hair, and you can leave out a few strands in the front to give a better definition to the look. 
  • Top-knot: The most common hairstyle that women go for to achieve a stylish look with short hair is top knots. You simply need to take the upper section of your hair and twist it in a bun-like structure with a rubber band. It would create a puffed-up knot in the upper part of your hair, leaving the rest of the hair to fall. This hairstyle does not even require much time or styling; you can randomly make it in a few seconds.
  • Hair twists on the side: This one-minute hairstyle for short hair has a very professional look, especially if you sleek your hair. Twist the side strands and secure them with just two bobby pins, inserting them in the direction opposite to the direction of the twist. 
    • Half updo hair with tiny braids on both sides: Again, another half up, half down updo hairstyle is to make two small braids at both sides of your head and secure them properly. Now, you can leave the two braids as they are on the front to frame your face. Or, you could bring them together to make a ponytail from only the upper portion of your hair. You can leave the lower portion as it is open.
  • Elegant twisted bun: Buns, although they could be a major task with short hair length, are not impossible. You need to twist small sections of your hair and pin them together with hairpins. U-shaped hair pins are used to keep the hair from messing up and staying in place to create an elegant twisted bun. You can set this hairstyle with hair spray as well. 
  • Tight curls: Curling your hair does shorten the hair length more, but if you have straight hair, you should sometimes try curling your hair to change your look once in a while. Tight curls require curling rods, and this hairstyle looks very cute and playful. Since the hair length is short, tight curls would be made pretty fast as compared to longer hair length. 
  • Braided headband: You need to braid two sections of hair on either side of your head from above the ear section. Then, take those two braids and cross them over to their opposite sides. Safely tuck them behind the ears with pins to secure them. It now creates a headband with a braid and looks very elegant. You can leave the rest of the hair open for a much better look. 
  • Adding in accessories: Many hair accessories are used to style up boring hair and make it look more fun and interesting. Clips, barrettes, ribbons, bandanas, hairbands, faux flowers, pearls, colorful strings, and other hair jewelry – all these add character to the hair. And you can style and restyle these any way you want. 

Conclusion  :

Many people think of short hair as a monotonous one and get bored with it. But in reality, there are many last-minute easy hairstyles for short hair that you can use to remove that monotony of un-styled hair. Styling short hair looks very cute, elegant, and fashionable at the same time.

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