7 Best Tips For Shorts And Boots Outfit Ideas For Styling

Shorts and boots outfit ideas

Shorts and boots outfit ideas


Imagining a shorts and boots outfit creates a very effortlessly chic look in our minds. Although it is a casual look, it does speak volumes of one’s personality on how they carry themselves.

The shorts with boots combination is also a very daring one, as not everyone can pull it off very comfortably due to its length. But otherwise, moving about in shorts is very comfortable. 

Shorts are regarded as only casual wear, but that is not true completely. If styled well, shorts can be one of the most stylish outfits ever. There are many different varieties of both shorts and boots, so it is also important to understand the types well and which kind would suit you better. 


Shorts and boots outfit ideas

Shorts and Boots outfit ideas : 


    • Black shorts with white shirt and black boots: The most classic look you can create with shorts and boots is this. Keeping the bottom part of your body in monochrome creates a visual effect of longer legs. Breaking the monochrome by wearing a white shirt, you not only make the outfit effortlessly classy but also add up to your personality. You could wear black leather boots and black leather shorts, creating a more wholesome look. 
    • Bicycle shorts with oversized T-shirts and boots: Bicycle shorts are quite trendy nowadays due to their comfy feeling. It is best to pair these shorts with oversized topwear to complement the extremely fitted bicycle shorts. Wearing loose T-shirts gives a very casual look, great for random outings. Add in combat boots to create a smarter look with these shorts. 
  • Blue denim shorts with top and boots: A very common combination of wearing blue denim and tops exists. You can amp up the look by wearing suede boots with this outfit. 
  • Distressed denim booty shorts with thigh-high boots: Distressed denim shorts, which have denim strings as dangling ends, create a very stylish look. Pair the booty shorts with thigh-high boots, which create a very attractive look and do not make you too uncomfortable due to the extreme shortness of the shorts. 
  • Co-ord set with white boots: Create a stunning look and stand out from others by wearing boots with co-ord sets. You can wear printed co-ords and style them with white colored boots. 
  • Skorts with laced-up boots: Shorts that have a skirt-type flap in the front are called skorts. And these skorts are a popular fashion statement now, especially among youngsters who like to experiment. You can wear it with a sleeveless top and a pair of lace-up boots which go on mid of your legs. 
  • Animal print shorts with black ankle-length boots: Animal prints like leopard, tiger, and zebra are evergreen prints. You can wear these print shorts with a black fitted high-neck top paired with black ankle-length boots. Here, the colorful shorts break the black monochrome. 
  • Printed cotton shorts with brown boots: Printed shorts made of cotton are an ideal vacation attire when paired with a similar color or printed topwear. You can add low-heeled ankle boots of brown color to complete the look. 
  • Linen shorts with combat boots: During the summer, linen shorts are an ideal choice. You can wear these with all kinds of summer tops and pair them well with combat boots to suit the style. 
  • Paperbag shorts with Suede boots: The wide-leg version of shirts creates a definition to the waist with a clinched waistline and a tie-up. Pair it with ribbed tees and suede material boots. 
  • Pleated shorts with black boots: These shirts give a formal look, so you can pair them with fitted shirts or even layer them up with a blazer. You can wear black Chelsea boots with this to complete your look. 
  • Roll-up shorts with brown tie-up boots: The shorts, which have a broad rolled-up hemline towards the end, give an edge to the outfit and look very smart when worn. You can tie up your top in a knot for this look and wear brown boots with lace for this outfit. 
  • High-waisted shorts with rubber boots: High-waisted shorts, which have at least three bottoms for the rise, can be paired with full sleeve-cropped tops. Then you can wear it with rubber boots for the ultimate look. 

Styling of shorts and boots outfit ideas :


Shorts and boots outfit ideas


Wearing an outfit is just halfway; to complete the whole look of the outfit, you must style it, too. For that, you can add up a few extra clothing pieces as well as accessories with it. 

  • Extra clothing items: You can first add a blazer to your shorts and boots outfit, giving a whole new dimension to your look. It would instantly shift you from a casual to a formal look. Then, you can also add an oversized shirt to work as a shrug on your fitted top. Or throw in a colorful scarf to add a pop of color or depth to your look. You can also wear stockings if you are not comfortable with the whole skin showing due to the shorts or if the boots are ankle length. Otherwise, stockings or fleece can also be worn during winter to resist the cold weather. 


  • Accessories: Several accessories can amplify your look; you just need to choose thoughtfully and not take in too many accessories. You could add in sunglasses and wristwatches. You could then pick any kind of bag that goes well with your outfit: sling, clutch, tote, cross-body, or backpack bag. For jewelry, you could add a bracelet, stud earrings, hoop earrings, or dangling earrings with dainty neckpieces. Even headgear like caps, beanies, and especially hats can be used well with boots. You can also add belts of the same color as your boots to create a defined waist effect and match the outfit. 

Conclusion: shorts and boots outfit ideas


There is another misconception that boots and shorts are only worn during the summertime or beach vacations. But the shorts and boots outfit ideas are not restricted to any particular season, and it can be worn all year round, even during winter, with stockings or leggings.


Shorts and boots outfit ideas


Boots have different kinds of linings inside for both cold and warm weather, so your feet would not be sweating all the time in boots. 

Styling boots with shorts creates a great edge to your whole look and makes a style statement. There are various ways to style both these items together, so you can easily experiment with this look and check for yourself what goes well for you. 

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