Four friends, one dream - to go to England. But he neither has a visa nor a ticket.

One day, a soldier promises to take them to the place of their dreams. He tells them about a unique technique

Dinky means crossing the border illegally on the back of a donkey. It is a dangerous and difficult task, but it is their only hope.

Their journey takes them through several countries – Saudi Arabia, Hungary, Germany, France – and finally England.

On the way they face many troubles - tied donkeys, illegal agents, police, goons, and hunger and thirst.

But their friendship, courage, and love help them overcome every difficulty. They can even give their lives for each other.

After reaching England, he realizes that his dream has not yet come true. The people there do not consider him as their own. They make them victims of hatred, contempt, and injustice.

In the end, they have to understand that their real home is in their own country. They miss the soil of their country. They decide to return